DIY Essentials…The Series Part 1


Are you like me and look at something and think, “I could make that for cheaper!”?

How many of you have seen do it yourself things and thought “I can totally make that”?

Only to try and fail miserably (thanks Pinterest for crushing me yet again).  Come on, I can’t be the only person?!

DIY is extremely popular these days.  You can make anything from a flower arrangement to a couch (I even lack creativity in my DIY examples).  You can seriously “make” anything these days.  The only problem (well for me) is that, most of the time I’m left with a pile of items glued, stapled or screwed together that serve no purpose because they barely resemble what it was I was trying to make.  Who’s with me?

I am the type of DIYer that goes out, buy all the supplies to create a masterpiece, opens the “pinned” post, puts my heart and soul into it and then BOOM all my hopes and dreams are crushed when the thing looks nothing resembling what it should and serves no function at all.

I am here to tell you that, there is hope!  Hope for us wannabe DIYers!  I have found foolproof DIY recipes and the best part, they are meant to eliminate chemicals from your life!  These DIY projects are for those things used on a daily basis that put chemicals into and onto the body.  They are basically foolproof and can enhance your health and wellness.  Now this is my kind of DIY!

So I thought I would share with my fellow DIY fail-ers and those that totally rock DIY projects, some of the easiest and best ways you can do it yourself, save money AND enhance your health and wellness.

I hope you will follow me as I regularly share different recipes.

So without further ado…. I present to you my first DIY recipe.

Household (multi purpose) Cleaner

My go to product!  I always have to have a multi purpose cleaner in the house.  I hate having to switch between cleaners for every surface or room I am cleaning.  So I made this and I literally use this on everything.

Here is what you will need:

16oz. Spray bottle- I opted for an amber glass bottle (no not because of the name) so that I didn’t have chemicals from a plastic bottle contaminating my cleaner.  I used 16oz so I would avoid having to make this cleaner too often (I’m all about saving myself time).

Distilled Water- This is so cheap! Distilled water is great because it has many of the impurities removed so it won’t interact with the essential oils or add extra minerals to your products.

Vinegar- No explanation needed (I hope).

Essential Oil- I chose to use Young Living’s Purification as it is a made blend and is great to help purify and eliminate odours.  You can use different oils such as lemon, orange, clove, tea tree.  I will write all about that soon.   In the mean time, please remember to not just buy any brand of essential oils as many of them contain chemicals and additives (see my previous blogs) and that will totally defeat the purpose of a chemical free household cleaner.

 How to make:

Are you ready for this?  Be prepared to be amazed with these intricate instructions.

Step One– Take your spray bottle and open it

Step Two– Add ¼ cup vinegar (if your spray bottle is smaller than 16oz. use less vinegar)

Step Three– Add 5-10 drops essential oil

Step Four– Fill rest of bottle with distilled water

Step Five– Shake

Step Six– USE!

Could this be any easier?  Honestly, it’s easier than driving to a store and buying a cleaner.  Especially if you are like me and order your supplies online.

Give it a try!  Let me know how it works for you.  Cause, I love this DIY cleaner!




Not Essentially The Same

If you were like me, you probably thought that every bottle of essential oil was the same. I believed I could go into any store and buy an essential oil and reap the benefits.  How could an essential oil be bad for me?  How different can each company be?  Isn’t lavender, lavender?

Venturing into a healthy lifestyle can often times be daunting, frustrating, even upsetting to have to tell the good from the bad.  Many times people just give up completely.  So I am here to help!

First, let me start by telling you this… not all essential oils are the same!  In fact you might be buying and using ones that hold no benefits (maybe worse) and are really just a waste of money, but smell nice (that’s at least something).  There are many factors to consider when purchasing and using essential oils. Considerations such as how the oils are grown, cultivated, distilled and packaged.

But why is this important?  Because if you want the benefits an essential oil has to offer you don’t want it diluted in solvents or distilled to the point there is no volatile components left.  For instance, an essential oil bottle can be labeled as 100% Pure and only contain 5% essential oil! And if that 5% was distilled incorrectly (for the type of plant), there could be very little beneficial constituents left in that mere 5%.  So why bother huh?

But I don’t want to sit here and type out all the things you should want to look for in an essential oil, because lets face it, you wouldn’t sit at your screen and read it all.  So I am going to keep this short, peak your interest, encourage you to learn more and beseech (I have never used that word in my life, why not start now) you to contact me for more information.

Let me share with you personally, my continued knowledge to start you in the right direction.  I want to help you choose a brand of essential oils that will bring you all the great benefits they have to offer and to guide you through all their countless uses.  I will take the confusion away and get you started.

I am beginning this conversation and I hope you will continue it with me.



Saran Wrap Healing‽ Sorta….

Lately my friends and family have seen or heard about me wrapping my shoulders and knees in Saran Wrap. Yeah, they are having the same reaction that you are probably having…. “um, why?!”. So let me share.

Recently my shoulders and sometimes my knees have been hurting from the amount and intensity of my training. I have always said that I do not want to injure myself working out. So I have decided to try something different to take care of my body.

I work closely with my naturopath and she has recommended many times I use castor oil packs for various things but I never really committed myself to a regular routine of using castor oil.

Castor oil has many health benefits, but I am not going to write a blog about the many benefits or uses of castor oil because there is a lot of information online that you can find. But I will tell you about my experience (so far) with it.

Since castor oil is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties for joint, nerve, and muscles and my shoulder aches and pains were getting worse and constant, I made the decision to try a regular routine of castor oil packs. I am honestly shocked with the results.

I’ve been using the castor oil for a few things; first I have been using it for the anti-inflammatory properties for both my shoulder and knee pain. Then I have been using it for my hand calluses and thumb pain that I was getting from the dreaded “hook grip”. So far, my experience has been good.

My shoulder pain has reduced to the point where I don’t wake up with the aches and it only comes back after a hard workout (I need to increase my should mobility and build more muscle for this to not be an issue. That’s a work in progress), my thumbs and hands aren’t burning and basically never hurt these days and my skin is more hydrated to help with the calluses. I have only been doing this as a regular routine for a few weeks now.

This is very easy and cheap for those interested in trying something new and natural to help their health.

Happy Healing!

For those of you wanting to know how I go about applying the packs, I will outline my routine:

For my shoulders and knees:
· Take two pieces of unbleached or wool flannel and put some castor oil on it
· Massage some castor oil into my shoulders and knees
· Place one piece of flannel onto each shoulder and knee
· Wrap with saran wrap to hold flannel in place
· Place heating pads onto each saran covered castor oil pack
· Relax for 45 minutes
· Repeat daily

For my hands:

· Apply castor oil to hands, like applying hand lotion
· Put on latex gloves
· Put on a nice pair of mittens
· Go to bed (yep, I sleep with them on!)