Essential Support

It can be difficult to start something new or make changes in your life.  Whether it is starting a workout program, a change in dietary habits or venturing out to try something new, all can be challenging to start.  As if starting wasn’t daunting enough, add to it trying to maintain these changes for a prolonged period of time.

If you are like me, many things get thought about, started and then slowly (or fast in some cases) stop.  How many of us have started a workout program, went strong for a while and then stopped.  Oh and don’t get me started on dietary programs! I have started and stopped those more times then I can count.

The greatest thing to keep me going is, accountability and support. From my personal experience, if I don’t have accountability and support from those closest to me, many of my life changes go by the way side.  The greatest accomplishments in my life are achieved when I have accountability and support.

Accountability is one piece of the puzzle.  But bigger than that (for me) is support.  If the people closest to me are encouraging me, interested in what I am doing and cheering me on, that drives me to stay strong and move forward.  It can be extremely difficult to try something new and maintain it, as well as, have to justify yourself or move forward alone (that’s a recipe for failure).

Recently, I’ve dove into a life of essential oils (shocker, I know). Bringing essential oils into my life is something new, has involved some changes, lots of education and involves those around me (we breath the same air).  This new venture, I hope, is the beginning of something much bigger and in order to do that, I need to support of those closest to me.

So let me say that the support and encouragement I have received from my husband as I try to enhance our health and wellness through essential oils has been a driving force.   Having him along side of me, reading the books, educating himself, adding to my business ideas and wanting to use essential oils to enhance his health and wellness, has been amazing and so incredibly encouraging!

I’m no expert or professional but I am here to tell you my personal experience and that is, when you want to try something new, venture to a new challenge or make a life change, having support will make it easier.  Having a team behind you seems to make things easier, more attainable and much more enjoyable.

I highly recommend everyone to try something new, something that can be life changing and health enhancing.  Have a conversation with those closest to you, build a team, rally the troops and form a plan. You won’t regret trying something but you might regret not trying.

And… if it’s essential oils you are interested in, want to join my team or just want to learn how they can enhance your life; I’m here to be your essential support (I’m a really good supporter! Think awesome, happy cheerleader).

Additional Note:  I usually start and write my blogs over a period of a few days to weeks. I jot down things here and there and have several ideas going at once.  Then one becomes complete and I post it.  This one in particular, I started at the beginning of the week.  Little did I know, it would mean more now than when I started.  I hope in reading this it can help anyone out there needing to work on themselves or need some change in their life.  That you can find the support system you need to move you to a wonderful, heathy life.

Here is a little carry case that I filled with amazing essential oils for my husband to take while he is away (and yes, he will use them). 




Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side

Hello, it’s me.  I was wondering if after all…. this time you would like to read my blog. Ok, who get’s that?  Anyways, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.  Life has been busy!  Life has been great!  Life has been challenging!  I hope to be able to write more in the coming weeks, as my journey in remodeling my life is forever ongoing.  So for now, here is a new post for you to enjoy.

I saw sometime online today.  Well, I see a lot online, but this one thing got me thinking.  It was of a man standing in a yard.  The grass he was standing on was grey and bleak.  On the other side of the fence, was a yard that was green and bright!  The kind that so many people wish for.  So, the man climbs the fence to get to this greener grass, only to have that green grass turn grey and the grass he was standing on turned green.  The man then climbs back to where he originally came from and, guess what?!  The grass, yet again, turns dull.

These days, people will often say to me, “you are so positive”, “I wish I had your strength” or “you inspire me” and I often wish I could convey to people that they too can have the ‘greener grass’.  They can take their lives by the reins, become positive, strong and inspire themselves and others to be happy and healthy.

It took me a while to get to this place and it wasn’t easy.  I didn’t wake up one day and all was right in my life (it still isn’t ALL right).  Just as you can’t just ‘climb a fence’ and expect things to be different, especially if you continue doing things the same way.  I wake up everyday and work hard to always find a positive attitude and to move past the bad times.  For each of us, getting to a place where you are happy, feel positive and have strength to always push forward, is going to take time.  You’ll want to try different techniques and have a lot of patience to allow the changes to happen in your life.

I’m not saying that I don’t have bad days.  I still get many (many!) days that frustrate me, upset me and bring me down.  Let’s get that straight, because I’m sure many people who meet me think everything is all butterflies and rainbows in my life.  FAR from that!  I still have a lot of things happening in my life that require daily courage and strength to not break down and I still have bad days at work, at the gym and in my personal life.  But I choose to take these days as lessons.  Sure sometimes I go home and “give up”!  I just go to bed to put the day behind me.  But all these things are still pieces of my life that make it whole.  These are part of my process and make me stronger, happier and positive.

For me, my journey started at a time in my life when there was a lot of negativity and negative experiences happening.  It was dragging me down a path that I didn’t care to be on for long.  I decided to take some time and do something for myself, which led me to crossfit.  Little did I know that crossfit would be the thing that gave me the push, strength and courage to start a change.  Not only did crossfit make me feel better and healthier, but it made me happy.  That is when I knew I wanted more happiness in my life!

Knowing I didn’t want to always be under a cloud of negativity, I decided to work to make MY grass greener (I am loving this metaphor).  Along with continuing to work out, I read books and blogs on how to bring more positive change into my life, started journaling and writing blogs, talking (and listening) to people, signed up to receive newsletters and joined groups with life coaches and happiness gurus.  I slowly changed my path into one with more positivity, happiness and growth.  I was able to get off the path of sadness, anger and negativity.  In doing so, I have also learned how to better handle the roadblocks that still arise, every now and then.

Along my journey, I have learned more about myself and things that I enjoy and want in my life.  I want to help people, to realize they too can have this.  The grass isn’t greener on the other side.  I want people to know that if they care and maintain theirs, they can have the greenest lawn on the block!  Wishing your grass was greener or climbing the fence to try to get to better things isn’t going to work because your behaviors, habits and negativity will just follow you over.  We need to make a change our ‘our side of the fence’.

Maybe, one day I can become a life coach and help people as much as I have been helped along in my journey.  Until then, I will lead by example (through my actions and continued work on myself), since there are still of a lot of changes I can make and want to make.  Who knows, maybe along the way I will inspire a few people to find their strength to make a change to a more positive and happy life.


Running to my goal

Well today I achieved a goal I have been chasing for a very long time. After many failed attempts at running, I finally participated in my first 5k run!image1  Seven weeks ago today I set a goal to start running and to be able to run a 5k and today I accomplished that.

Running is something that I have tried before.  Year after year I have tried to learn to run and have failed.  I had come to terms with being someone who just couldn’t run.  But through accomplishments I have gained because of Crossfit, I have learned that I can push myself mentally and physically to achieve things I never thought I could. I know how amazing it feels to try and try and finally succeed.  So I thought it was time to try again!  To push through the failed attempts, to push my body and to run a 5k run. And today was the day I finally get to cross this off my list of things I’d like to do!

Today, I went out in the cold and rain and ran with my friend and 583 other people through a muddy and wet trail. I completed my goal ofimage3 running 5k non-stop and finished with a time of 31:36 and a ranking of 139/584, 112/511 woman and 20/119 in my age division! Not too shabby for my first ever 5k run.


I feel proud to have achieved this goal and ready to take on another run!



Finding Balance 

So you might be wondering how remodeling my life has been going. Here is a bit of an update…. It has been going great!

I have been working very hard to remodel and work on the things about myself that were putting me in situations that hurt me, or didn’t allow me to be who I want to be. I’ve been able to remove myself from situations that I no longer wanted to be part of and I have been rebuilding my life and myself for the better. Which brings me to a new phase, finding balance.

For many years, my life revolved around my business. At the time, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing (or so I thought). I enjoyed what I was doing. I loved my store and I loved the hard work. I was all consumed by my retail business that was open 7 days a week. It wasn’t until I was hit with the harsh reality that my hard work, time and dedication would never pay off, so things needed to change.

After I sold my business, I was able to take some time off. Time to reflect, to find myself, to enjoy life again and to focus on my health, happiness and future. I am so extremely thankful for that time off, but unfortunately it came to an end and I had to go back to work. Now I find myself in a battle to find a balance between, that which makes me happy and whole, and that which I must do. I don’t want to get all consumed in my work life or other people’s issues and end up putting my health and happiness on the back burner, again.

Finding balance in one’s life is something that many people struggle with. How many of us try to eat well and exercise in between working a 40-hour week, commuting to and from work and maintaining a home? And how many of us just can’t seem to do it all, eventually giving up something? And those things that get deleted from our lives are the things that make us happy and healthy. I am determined to find a healthy balance within my own life, to find a way to continue to be my whole self and to not let my life spiral back to the one I was once living.

So far, I’ve been accomplishing baby steps. Every morning I try to get up early to go for a run (not once yet have I been able to accomplish that HAHAHAHA). Each day after work, a huge part of me wants to go home, plant my butt on the couch and eat a bag of chips for dinner… but I don’t! I am staying focused and keeping up a healthy lifestyle, after work and on weekends. So, after I’ve put in my hours in the corporate world, I am taking time to workout, eat well, enjoy rest days. I also make time to see my friends and family and sign up for things I’ve never done before (like a 5k run or a crazy race through mud and obstacles).

I am so grateful that I was able to use the past few months to reflect on my life. I was able to look back at all the things that broke me down and to work on making myself whole again. It allowed me to find the strength to pick myself up, find a love for something that I never imagined I would enjoy so much, spend time to nourish my soul and just love waking up each day knowing it will hold happiness and growth (mentally and physically).

So now the challenge continues for me to find that work/life balance, to be able to continue to nourish my life in the way that has made my happy and healthy, and to also work, because let’s face it, I’m a grown up (most of the time) and that’s what grown-ups do. But who knows, one day maybe, I can have a huge change in my life and find a way to merge the great things in it with my work life, I can dream again, right?

Until then, I vow to not let the corporate world take my goals (and me) down, and to find a balance within my own life (and to try and get up early in the mornings for a run).

Setting Goals

I like goals! How about you? I seem to be a goal setter and a list maker. I like to start my day with a list of things to do and feel great when I accomplish them (or at least most of them). When life gets a bit out of control, I find that obtaining a goal or accomplishing things within my control, makes me feel less out of control.

My fellow crossfitters are probably like me and have a million goals set for what they want to be able to do eventually. And much like the many things that is crossfit, I have jumped onto the goal setting bandwagon for my crossfit life.

About a month after I started crossfit I set a goal of being able to do a strict handstand pushup. And less than 5 months later, I did it! I have been gradually able to do one strict handstand pushup and I progressed to do 4 sets of 5! Albeit, they were very, very, verrrrrry slow, but they were controlled AND they were done consecutively!

Recently, registration the 2015 Crossfit Open started. And if you aren’t familiar with it, basically the first part of it, anyone can participate. The way it works is, there is a workout posted once a week for 5 weeks and you have 4 days to do it and get your best score. You do these workouts from their home/gym and then you post your scores with the hundreds of thousands of other people. The crazy fit and strong people then move on, to eventually compete for the fittest on earth. Anyways, I am thinking of making it a goal to register to participate and do the weekly workout portion of next years Crossfit Open! What do you say? Think that’s a good goal?



I hope that every day you can be proud of yourself and any goal you have reached or are working towards.  I take great pride in the little things in my life, like one handstand pushup.  Every step you take to your goal is amazing. Be proud and happy about that.

Crossfit Competition?! Am I Crazy?!

Let me start off by saying, I started doing crossfit in August of this year. So yes, that means just a little over three months ago, I started a regular workout routine that included things that I have never done (or seen) before. So, who’s crazy idea was it to enter into a competition? MINE! (with some encouragement from my mom and friends!)

The new crossfit “box” (I still can’t get use to saying it without quotations) that I have been going to posted an in house, members only competition. I had seen it on the board for a couple of weeks and it never crossed my mind to even entertain the idea of entering.
It wasn’t until I realized that there would be no regular classes held on that day, because of the competition, that I started to think, maybe, I could do it! I had already taken a few more days off from working out during the week to complete schoolwork (and go to a couple of concerts) so I really wanted to get in my weekend workout. So why not just go into the competition and treat it as a workout? I could probably list the reasons as to why not, but I was trying to only list the reasons as to why.

I was told that anyone at any level could take part and so the day before the competition I decided to sign up! I paid my entry fee, which was all being donated to a charity (another bonus!) and I would also get a swag bag (that is worth it, in itself!). I announced my crazy decision to my family and friends and it was official, I was going to compete in my first crossfit competition.

I had a plan! Go in and just pretend it was a workout (well, a few workouts actually) and just do things like I normally did. Yeah well, that plan worked…..somewhat! The “workout”, as I pretended it was, was much harder than I’d ever imagined! But it was all so fun (and hard, very, very, hard!).

While in the moment, it was hard to think of anything but “how am I going to make it through this”. The things I thought were going to be “easy” were just as hard. But now, having done it and looking back, I am so glad I did it. I have learned so much!

After the competition was done (and I pretty much placed dead last) I sat and wrote a list of the things I learned about myself and the things that I would like to work on. This has been a very positive experience and has made me so excited to continue getting better. It’s very motivating!

Among the things I want to work on is increasing my muscular endurance and work on increasing the weight for thrusters. I also learned that I have a fear of dropping the weights and decapitating myself on my ‘cleans’ (yeah, don’t ask, I’m a weirdo!). But had I not entered into this competition, it would have taken me longer to realize these things. I also learned that I can do it! Even if I didn’t win, I still completed it and I didn’t die (yes, that was another fear of mine too). And so, while I didn’t do as well as some of the other girls, I learned so much. I had fun and boy, did I get a good workout.

So I encourage you to get out there and do something new, challenging and fun. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t perfect or the best or come out first. You did something out of your comfort zone, had fun (I hope), and learned something about yourself.

Now I start intense training for the next competition!