DIY Iced Coffee

I recently shared this video on instagram and why no one can figure out the recipes is beyond me hahahaha!

So since time lapse is so fast I thought I would share a quick post with the recipe.

Homemade Iced Coffee

1 cup Cold Brewed Coffee of choice (I used Hatch) = 17.5 calories

1/2 cup Almond Milk = 14 calories

1/2 tsp Agave Syrup = 8 calories, 2g sugar


Total= 39.5 calories (if I did the math correct hahaha)

This is 354ml as opposed to Tim’s 380ml which has 120 calories but is still a healthier option overall as the fast food place ones usually have saturated fats and such in them.







Finding MY Right Nutritional Plan

Working on my dietary habits has been a constant battle. I went to school for holistic nutrition, so I’m well educated on the good and the bad of eating “right”. I am also a firm believer that everything in moderation is ok and that you need to be happy, as well as, healthy and fit.

For the past few years, I wouldn’t say I was eating bad but, I was allowing myself more of the moderation stuff, like eating out, sugar (oh how I love my sugar) and carbs (the bad ones). Since getting serious about Crossfit, weight training and, exercise in general, I have really started looking at what I eat to “fuel” my body.

I’m a small person, always have been. I come from small parents and I have never really had to “watch” what I eat (other than for health purposes). So when I increased my physical activity, I did what I thought was right. I increased my food intake. Hey, I was burning a lot of calories a day, so as long as I ate a lot of food, it didn’t matter what I ate, right? Wrong!

I, as many others, am really good at being able to increase my carbs and fats. Extra pasta, yes please! More potatoes, sure! But what I wasn’t doing was balancing my meals properly. Sure I know about nutrition and eating healthy but I never really invested the time to learn about eating and fueling my body for the amount of physical activity I have started to do. Again, something new to consider, another area for me learn about (I LOVE LEARNING!).

First, I started by talking to my naturopath. I began taking some supplements and started to really increase my protein. But when I increased my protein, I increased my carbohydrates as well (and then added a nice desert because, of course I deserved it after all my hard work). I looked into paleo and well, some aspects of it look good, other parts of it did not make sense to me (and I don’t like bacon).

While in my search for the correct nutritional plan for myself, the lovely Christmas Abbott conveniently wrote a book (#TheBadAssBodyDiet) and shortly thereafter, held a seminar in my city. After attending the seminar, I decided to try the first part of the plan, the 21-day detox.

I’m not going to get too in depth with what the entire plan involves (because you should read the book) but basically, you eliminate a lot of the bad (sugars, processed foods etc.), balance each meal and snack correctly and eat for your body type (size, weight and goals).

Now, I’ve been told that this is common knowledge in the physically active community, to balance your proteins, carbs and fats in a 40/30/30 ratio. But sometimes it takes someone that inspires you, that reminds you of where you came from and where you can go, someone that has been there – done that to show you the way (be it new or old). Sometimes, even though it may already be out there (in some form) they were able to shine a light on something that might just work for you, they help you through it and make it attainable. This is what I have found. It doesn’t matter how I found it or how long it took me, it’s that I think I have finally found the right fit for me, my body and my activity level. I hope that through my experience I can encourage others to find the right nutritional plan for them or to even try this one.

Stay tuned for my next blog on how the 21-day detox went.


A little glimpse at what my snacks and lunch planning looks like!


Learning to Like Protein Powder

I have always battled with very bad headaches. I used to get headaches several times a week, some on the verge of migraines, some lasting for days (I have even experienced 7 day headaches). This
has been an on going struggle for many years. I tried several different things to cure them. Chiropractics and massage helped, especially while I had the headache. But I wanted something that would keep the headaches away, long term. I tried acupuncture, which helped a lot, but they kept coming back. I had a long list of things that would sometimes help and sometimes not (hydrotherapy, icing, stretching).

I could attribute many of my headaches to low blood sugar. I always skipped breakfast, but my love of sugar, caffeine (that’s a meal right?), and high stress usually led to less nutrient intake throughout the day. I have been told many times over the years to “make a protein shake”. Well that’s great advice, to someone that doesnt hate the taste of protein powder!

Having tried many different types of protein powder and experimenting with many different ways to disguise it, I just gave up. Protein powder shakes were just not for me. No matter what I put into the shake, all I could taste was powder! And the only thing that worked to change the flavour for me was banana….while I like me some banana bread, I’m not the hugest fan of the flavour of raw banana.

When you start training as much as I have, and when you work and go to school, you need to find easy and quick ways to eat and get your protein in. So it was time to change my mind about protein powder, once and for all.

I started by adding a lot of things that I liked. I love fruit, so I threw a lot of fruit into it, especially berries. Vanilla flavoured greek yogurt also helped a lot and makes it a bit thicker and its also a source of protein! Next I started to add ice. I find that I like my shakes better when they are really cold (frozen fruit also works). Since I was adding the greek yogurt, I started by using just half a scoop of protein powder to hopefully condition my taste buds to liking protein shakes.

Well it worked! I just kept at it and I started to slowly like them. I’m to the point now that I can even take a scoop of protein powder, mix with half a cup of water and drink it! Never did I imagine that would happen.

Shakes are so easy now! They are very quick for me to make to take in the car with me on my way to the gym or work and, they are a great way for you to get the things you don’t like, but really should have, into your body. I add hemp seeds, spinach and kale to almost all my shakes and rarely do I taste the kale. I also use rice milk to add flavour.

If you are like I was, I think you need to work on changing your palette and eventually you will learn to like them and you will LOVE how easy they are to make and the amount of nutrients you can get into your body with one shake. Come on try it! Embrace the protein shake! You will be glad you did.

Since starting to work on my diet (healthy eating and increased eating) and working out, I am happy to report that I only get the odd headache!