Essential Support

It can be difficult to start something new or make changes in your life.  Whether it is starting a workout program, a change in dietary habits or venturing out to try something new, all can be challenging to start.  As if starting wasn’t daunting enough, add to it trying to maintain these changes for a prolonged period of time.

If you are like me, many things get thought about, started and then slowly (or fast in some cases) stop.  How many of us have started a workout program, went strong for a while and then stopped.  Oh and don’t get me started on dietary programs! I have started and stopped those more times then I can count.

The greatest thing to keep me going is, accountability and support. From my personal experience, if I don’t have accountability and support from those closest to me, many of my life changes go by the way side.  The greatest accomplishments in my life are achieved when I have accountability and support.

Accountability is one piece of the puzzle.  But bigger than that (for me) is support.  If the people closest to me are encouraging me, interested in what I am doing and cheering me on, that drives me to stay strong and move forward.  It can be extremely difficult to try something new and maintain it, as well as, have to justify yourself or move forward alone (that’s a recipe for failure).

Recently, I’ve dove into a life of essential oils (shocker, I know). Bringing essential oils into my life is something new, has involved some changes, lots of education and involves those around me (we breath the same air).  This new venture, I hope, is the beginning of something much bigger and in order to do that, I need to support of those closest to me.

So let me say that the support and encouragement I have received from my husband as I try to enhance our health and wellness through essential oils has been a driving force.   Having him along side of me, reading the books, educating himself, adding to my business ideas and wanting to use essential oils to enhance his health and wellness, has been amazing and so incredibly encouraging!

I’m no expert or professional but I am here to tell you my personal experience and that is, when you want to try something new, venture to a new challenge or make a life change, having support will make it easier.  Having a team behind you seems to make things easier, more attainable and much more enjoyable.

I highly recommend everyone to try something new, something that can be life changing and health enhancing.  Have a conversation with those closest to you, build a team, rally the troops and form a plan. You won’t regret trying something but you might regret not trying.

And… if it’s essential oils you are interested in, want to join my team or just want to learn how they can enhance your life; I’m here to be your essential support (I’m a really good supporter! Think awesome, happy cheerleader).

Additional Note:  I usually start and write my blogs over a period of a few days to weeks. I jot down things here and there and have several ideas going at once.  Then one becomes complete and I post it.  This one in particular, I started at the beginning of the week.  Little did I know, it would mean more now than when I started.  I hope in reading this it can help anyone out there needing to work on themselves or need some change in their life.  That you can find the support system you need to move you to a wonderful, heathy life.

Here is a little carry case that I filled with amazing essential oils for my husband to take while he is away (and yes, he will use them). 




Setting Goals

I like goals! How about you? I seem to be a goal setter and a list maker. I like to start my day with a list of things to do and feel great when I accomplish them (or at least most of them). When life gets a bit out of control, I find that obtaining a goal or accomplishing things within my control, makes me feel less out of control.

My fellow crossfitters are probably like me and have a million goals set for what they want to be able to do eventually. And much like the many things that is crossfit, I have jumped onto the goal setting bandwagon for my crossfit life.

About a month after I started crossfit I set a goal of being able to do a strict handstand pushup. And less than 5 months later, I did it! I have been gradually able to do one strict handstand pushup and I progressed to do 4 sets of 5! Albeit, they were very, very, verrrrrry slow, but they were controlled AND they were done consecutively!

Recently, registration the 2015 Crossfit Open started. And if you aren’t familiar with it, basically the first part of it, anyone can participate. The way it works is, there is a workout posted once a week for 5 weeks and you have 4 days to do it and get your best score. You do these workouts from their home/gym and then you post your scores with the hundreds of thousands of other people. The crazy fit and strong people then move on, to eventually compete for the fittest on earth. Anyways, I am thinking of making it a goal to register to participate and do the weekly workout portion of next years Crossfit Open! What do you say? Think that’s a good goal?



I hope that every day you can be proud of yourself and any goal you have reached or are working towards.  I take great pride in the little things in my life, like one handstand pushup.  Every step you take to your goal is amazing. Be proud and happy about that.