10414478_10154215029005014_2489219015180902913_nHello! Here is where you are expecting to read and learn all about me and I wish I could find some witty and catchy way to convey to you who I am, but I am much more complex than that or so I like to think hahaha.  But basically I am essentially a healthy and fit person, constantly striving for health, wellness and happiness.

Little tidbits about me:

  • I am a Holistic Nutritionist
  • A fitness enthusiast (almost have my personal trainer certificate)
  • Aspiring tea sommelier and aromatherapist (courses currently being taken)
  • Amazing wife (to quote my husband)
  • Fur baby Momma
  • My mother is my best friend and most inspiring woman in my life
  • I am told that I am “bubbly” but I like to think I just laugh and smile a lot
  • I have an incredible sweet tooth
  • I try to enjoy the little things in life
  • I LOVE live music and go to way to many concerts (is that even possible)
  • Fall is my favourite season (yes I jump on the pumpkin everything bandwagon)
  • I change my hair colour on a seasonal basis

There you go! I hope I have painted a picture of who I am.  I hope you will follow me as I bring health and wellness into my life little by little.


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